Basic deck

basic deck

Note: If you are looking for Basic Deck Guides (where we use cards just from the basic set), check it here here - hosted on Disguised Toast. When I first started playing, I used Trump's Basic decks as a starting point, and they helped a lot. It's been almost 9 months since those were. I'm a new player in HS, I have no too much card. I can reach the rank 20, but hardly. Mostly play with stock deck Mage, but i like also Warrior  What would be a decent non- basic deck to work towards for. basic deck

Basic deck - Sie

These guides are really helpful. Plays like turn 1 River Crocolisk into turn 2 Mark of the Wild create similar situations to Innervating a Chillwind Yeti. It appears that you may be blocking the ads, and we are fine with it read more here. Tundra Rhino is not included for many of the same reasons as Starving Buzzard. Probably something that needs to be changed on the site and not in your guides, but the card list to the right of the guide for priest says Mind Control is 8 mana it's 10 mana everywhere else, including that spot's hover graphics. Yeah i didn't mean you need a deck full of rares, just that you don't need to have 30 legendaries to be able to play the game well, forgot to talk about commons. I think 1 extra mana a turn is always good even if you don't to ramp into anything huge.

Basic deck - bin

It is one of the few clean answers to a turn 4 Chillwind Yeti , and can also be used to burst your opponent down for the kill. Budget Jade Druid Deck. My first Paladin deck started winning a lot more when I cut the Raid Leaders and Stormwind Champions for cards with a little more value to them. Copy Export String to Clipboard. The correct use of this card is to heal a minion and draw a card with Northshire Cleric on a turn where you have already used your Hero Power, or when you only have 1 Mana to spare.


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